A Durable, Energy-Efficient Roof Coating: Why Your Colorado Home Needs One

Does your roof look worn, weathered, or like it’s approaching the end of its useful life? Before you agree to a pricey full roof replacement, consider an affordable and efficient alternative – a protective roof coating from the experienced professionals at Roof Masters of Colorado. With over 28 years of experience enhancing roofs in Boulder and across Colorado’s Front Range, our certified roofing technicians can restore your aging roof and extend its lifespan using high-quality elastomeric coating products.

A protective roof coating offers a range of benefits that mean real savings in terms of both energy efficiency and sticking to your household budget. The right coating will reflect UV rays, seal small cracks and leaks, reduce cooling costs, and add years of life onto an aging or failing roof – all at a fraction of the cost of full replacement. Roof coatings provide a durable, eco-friendly method of waterproofing your most critical home barrier.

In this guide from Roof Masters’ roofing experts, you’ll learn all about the advantages of coatings, how to determine if your Boulder roof is a good coating candidate, the different coatings we use, and what to expect from our proprietary application process. We’ll discuss in practical terms if a roof coating might be the smartest way to achieve excellent roof protection with energy bill savings as a nice bonus. Let’s begin by looking at the key reasons for considering liquid roof coatings and repair instead of assuming you need to re-roof or re-cover existing materials right away.

Why Get a Roof Coating?

If your roof is showing signs of wear after 10-15 years or extreme weather exposure, a protective coating can breathe new life into aging shingles, tiles, or flat roofing materials. Roof coatings provide major practical and financial incentives compared to tear-off replacement. Benefits include:

Extend the Life of Your Roof

The right elastomeric coating seals cracks, fills bitumen degradation, and provides a water tight barrier that protects roofing materials from further UV and oxidation damage. Instead of getting 10-15 more years from old shingles or tiles, a coating can double a roof’s lifespan to 20-30 years total.

Reduce Energy Costs

Specialized reflective coatings prevent up to 90% of the sun’s heat and UV rays from hitting your roof’s surface. This “cool roof” ability means much less heat transmitted into a home or building. Reflective coatings lower cooling costs and provide passive insulation you’ll feel in your home’s improved temperature regulation.

Stop Roof Leaks and Water Damage

Small cracks, flaws in flashing, and other vulnerabilities let rain and melted snow seep down into a building. This leads to retained moisture, wood rot, mold growth and high repair bills. A thick elastomeric coating seals all weak points to provide a fully waterproof barrier.

Improve Aesthetics

Over time, roofs become stained and develop black streaks of algae growth. This detracts from curb appeal. A new coating covers up any unsightly discoloration and makes a property look fresh with its uniform application and reflective sheen.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Compared to tearing off roofing materials that then go straight to the landfill, a roof coating is sustainable and planet-friendly. The materials used are largely composed of recycled rubber polymers. They also support energy efficiency once applied.

The bottom line? If protected properly with regular maintenance a quality roof coating gives you financial and practical benefits from both extending your current roof’s lifespan as well as lowering electricity usage.

Coating a Wide Variety of Roof Types

When it comes to what roofing substrates can be coated, the list is extensive. Many materials make excellent candidates for rejuvenation with an elastomeric barrier. Compatible roof types include asphalt shingle roofs, flat roofs, wooden shake shingles, clay and concrete tile, rolled asphalt, PVC and TPO membranes, built-up “tar and gravel” roofs, and metal roof including galvanized steel, aluminum and copper. Most commonly, we see asphalt shingle roof as the most common roof in need of coating.

With proper cleaning and preparation, most existing roof covers can benefit greatly from a refreshed look, improved waterproofing and enhanced energy efficiency with the help of coating products. Even well maintained metal roofs that have endured decades of hail, snow, and beating sun can often gain back reflective capability and have minor dents or flaws sealed off with a protective polymer topcoat. Roof Masters of Colorado has successfully worked with virtually every common residential and commercial roof variety found throughout the Front Range.

Different Types of Roof Coatings

Not all roof coatings are created equal. Different roofing materials and environments call for specific roof coating options. At Roof Masters of Colorado, we have extensive experience with all of the most effective options on the market. We guide each customer to the ideal coating type for their unique situation. Common categories of liquid-applied roof coatings include:

Asphalt Emulsions:

  • Cost effective option
  • Derived from petroleum
  • Used widely for low slope roofs
  • Limitations in reflecting heat

Acrylic Coatings:

  • Made from acrylic polymers
  • Highly reflective “cool roof” abilities
  • Offer good flexibility and adhesion
  • Vulnerable to ponding water and debris

Silicone or Rubberized Roof Coating:

  • Maximum heat reflection
  • Extremely water resistant
  • Withstand ponding water and leaves
  • High cost for product/application

Polyurethane Foam:

  • Seamless insulation when spray-applied
  • Impervious to water and air
  • Requires precise expertise
  • Can have strong odor during application

The above are just a short overview – many other factors like mil thickness, application method, top coats and finishes determine how well a coating will perform. An experienced roofing company considers all specifications and requirements to specify the optimum coating system.

At Roof Masters, we only use top-tier products from the most reputable manufacturers. Combined with proper surface preparation, primer coats, and application by our seasoned crews, we build extremely durable liquid roofing barrier assemblies able to hold up to Colorado’s dramatic seasons and mountain weather conditions.

What to Look for When Choosing a Roof Coating

If you’ve decided a roof coating aligns well with your budget and goals for protecting your home or business, how do you pick the right product? With so many technical specifications and manufacturer claims to parse through, it can get overwhelming for the average property owner. Below are the most important performance criteria to understand:

Reflectivity – A coating’s solar reflectance determines how much heat it will block from reaching your roof decking. The highest ratings come from white elastomeric coatings offering 85-90% reflectance, while dark acrylics may only block 60-70% of solar radiation. Highly reflective coatings have huge benefits for energy savings.

Permeability – This refers to how well a coating allows water vapor to pass through it when humidity builds up inside a building. High permeability prevents moisture from getting trapped in roof materials. Specialty coatings rated as “breathable” excel here.

Ease of Application – Some coatings require 2-part mixing before installation or have a short working time before drying out. This complicates the process. Single-component coatings are easiest for DIY application, but professional spray equipment is recommended for best results.

Durability and Longevity – Elastomeric acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane coatings provide the most durable, long-lasting protection. Lifespans of 10-20 years are common if properly maintained. Asphalt emulsions start degrading after only 3-5 years typically.

Warranties – Look for coating products backed by at least 10 years against cracking, peeling, and loss of waterproofing capability. High-end silicone/urethanes may carry 20-30 year manufacturer warranties.

The Roof Masters of Colorado team brings decades of combined experience assessing roof conditions and specifications to prescribe the optimum coating solutions for each customer’s situation. We consider all the above criteria and more when advising clients on the best options.

Roof Masters of Colorado’s Roof Coating Process

When you choose Roof Masters of Colorado as your roof coating installer, you get the benefit of our time-tested process administered by highly experienced crews. We take a systematic approach that sets up coatings to deliver maximum performance and longevity. Our proprietary process includes:

Roof Inspection

We thoroughly evaluate the current state of your roof to identify any areas needing repair or reinforcement before coating application. Roof inspection is crucial to getting good adhesion and a long lasting finish.

Surface Preparation

Proper power washing removes mold, mildew, loose paint and chalking, plus embedded dirt and debris. We may do spot repairs of identified flaws as well. Then a base primer coat readies the surface.

Base Coat Application

Using professional-grade spray equipment, we apply an initial coating layer at a thickness appropriate for the specified product. Consistent, even coverage is essential.

Finish Coat

A second finish coating adds further robust reinforcement to seal the roof fully. Our technicians ensure proper spread rates and return to touch up thin spots.

Curing and Inspection

The coating must dry and cure completely, which can take 24-48 hours before being exposed to rain or dew. We inspect the final job to guarantee full bonding and seamless protection.

Annual Maintenance

We advise customers to do periodic visual roof inspections and simple debris cleanup. Reapplication every 5-7 years renews protection.

Why Choose Roof Masters of Colorado

When it comes to protecting your most valuable asset (your home) from the elements, expertise and experience matter greatly. Homeowners in Boulder, Denver, and across Colorado’s Front Range have trusted Roof Masters for nearly three decades due to:

Our Long Track Record – Founded in 1995, we have coated and repaired many roofs over 28 years of roofing service using the most advanced products.

Highly Trained Technicians – Our crews must demonstrate extensive technical skill in assessing roofs, properly installing coatings to manufacturer specifications.

Use of Premium Materials – We source elastomeric acrylic, silicone and polyurethane coatings from top brands like Karna-Flex, Dow Chemicals, and Polyglass among others.

5 Year Workmanship Warranty – Along with material defect warranties, we guarantee our roofs from leaks or failures for five full years after coating.

Great Reviews – Our superb track record shows with rave validation from the Colorado BBB and Google. See over 30 shining testimonials from our many satisfied area customers.

For affordable roof restoration from industry specialists who get the job done right, call Roof Masters of Colorado today at (720) 536-5585 for your free inspection and estimate. Discover how our high-performance coatings can optimize your home’s protection from the elements for years to come!