6 Components of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System

Your roof is more than just the shingles you see from the street—it’s a complex system involving many different components that work together to protect your home. As the premier roofing company, Roof Masters of Colorado is proud to be authorized to install the innovative GAF Lifetime Roofing System, which includes the following elements: … [Read more...]

Why Turn to the Pros for Roof Repairs and Inspections?

Your roof keeps your home dry and damage-free all year. Over time, however, wear and tear from the elements will eventually take a toll on your roof. The best way to ensure your roof performs well throughout its service life is to invest in regular regular roof inspection and repair services from experts like Roof Masters of Colorado. Here are the advantages of these services:  … [Read more...]

Protecting Your Investment: GAF’s Exclusive Warranties

Warranties are proof that you’re investing in high-quality and reliable roofing products. In case of a material or workmanship flaw, the manufacturers will address the issue as stated in their terms and conditions. These add an additional layer of protection for your roof, helping you avoid unexpected and undeserved extra costs. … [Read more...]

Tips on Hiring the Right Contractor for Your Roofing Project

A roof replacement is a major investment, so it’s crucial that you hire a highly experienced and reputable contractor for the job. Without a proper installation, your roof won’t perform optimally even if it’s built with high-quality materials. When hiring a roofer, make sure to do the following:  Check For ExperienceAn experienced roofing contractor is more likely to avoid costly roofing errors than one who is new to the game. Ask any potential contractor you’re considering how long they’ve been in the business—you want to work with a team who has a solid track record. At Roof Masters of … [Read more...]