The Top Problem Areas of Residential Roofs


Your roofing system can suffer from multiple problems in its lifetime. Some of these are caused by everyday wear and tear, while others are caused by severe weather. It's important to understand that certain areas of your roof are more susceptible to damage than others. Read on as Roof Masters of Colorado, your local roof replacement expert, discusses the different areas you should pay close attention to. … [Read more...]

Roofing Replacement vs. Repair: 3 Factors to Consider


Roof replacements are costly, which is why some homeowners delay this project and instead try to patch up the growing problems on their roof through repairs. While postponing a replacement may initially save you money, replacing your roof too late can cost far more in the long run. In today’s post, Roof Masters of Colorado, the roof replacement expert, shares three factors to consider when determining whether your roof needs to be repaired or fully replaced. … [Read more...]

The Top Dangers of a Leaky Roof


Water damage at home is a serious problem, and it usually starts with a minor, seemingly harmless issue, like a small roof leak. The problem with leaks is that they usually only become noticeable after they’ve caused significant damage. This is why it’s important to be able to identify and repair leaks in their infancy. … [Read more...]

Your Roof vs. the Elements Part 2: Effective Solutions

Your Roof

Your roof plays an important role in your home’s comfort and protection, which is why it’s important to do everything in your power to maximize its service life and avoid premature roof replacement . At Roof Masters of Colorado, we can provide expert services to help ensure your roof performs well throughout its projected lifespan. Here’s how we can help: … [Read more...]

Your Roof vs. the Elements Part 1: Damaging Factors


If there is a component of your home that bears it all, it’s the roof. Due to the everyday damage your roof receives as a result of its constant exposure to the elements, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear and may need to be replaced. Other factors that can decrease your roof’s service life too. Read on as Roof Masters of Colorado, your trusted roofing company, explains further … [Read more...]

Things to Expect During a Professional Roof Inspection


When it comes to your home, a regular roof inspection is one of the most efficient and practical preventive maintenance tasks you can invest in. It helps keep your roof in excellent condition and protects you from expensive repair costs later on. While you can perform your own inspection, most homeowners don’t have the proper training so they may not know what to look for. Additionally, climbing a ladder to check your roof is dangerous. To help you prepare for your professional inspection, Roof Masters of Colorado discusses what you can expect: … [Read more...]